We are Inversiones Eterna Primavera. We have the passion for the farming and exportation of ornamental flowers known as Proteas. We are a specialized manufacturer of Safari Sunset, Gold Strike and Galpini Silver Cone.
Our story Oligar S.A. was founded on May 31, 2011 in Guatemala by two brothers. It wasn't until July of 2014 that the Protea production project began.

In 2015, it was given its comercial name "Inversiones Eterna Primavera", looking to consolidate the different operations from diferente industries that it had then.

Inversiones Eterna Primavera, along with a sister business, is a pioneer establishing 8 hectares of a unique and exclusive crop as are the Proteas since we are the exclusive producers of Safaris Sunset, Gold Strike and Galpini Silver Cone in Central America.

We now have over 200,000 ornamental plants with plans to expand to have more varieties. The plantation is found in Pueblo Viejo, Parramos Chimaltenango (about an hour from Guatemala City) located over 1,700 meters over sea level.

By the end of 2016, Inversiones Eterna Primavera will be making its first Leucadendron Safari Sunset export, thus becoming the first Guatemalan business to produce, export and promote the economy thru cut Protea flowers.

Our farms are located in the central part of Guatemala, a country rich in microclimates and fertile soils with the perfect conditions for high quality floral production.

We are located in the center of GUATEMALA and our farms are 20 min. from Antigua Guatemala. The Microclimates and ground of the region allow the production of flowers very easily.

Our geographic location gives us the advantage of making immediate delivery, lengthening the durability of flowers. We distributed about two million stems anywhere in the world, either airway or sea. We will always be sure to provide the needs and requirements of each customer.

Gold Strike

Leucadendron floridum hybrid.


– Medium to large single head. Medium to dark red petals.
– The flowers are actually a cone surrounded by large colourful bracts that are frequently mistaken for the flower itself. Safari sunset is well known for its leaves rather than its blooms.


– Long, oblong yellow petals.
– Red on tips of pertals becomes more pronounced late in the season
– Good substitute for Laureolum.


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Finca La Cumbre, Parramos, Chimaltenango, Guatemala C.A.